Virtually Brilliant.

Would you prefer to relax on your own sofa at the end of a working day, or struggle through the heat, traffic, airport security, and stressed out business travellers to get back home after a meeting out of your office and country.

We live in a culture where networking and interacting via the web is a way of life, so how is it that face to face workshops, often involving flying people from around the world with all the resulting disruption, hassle, cost and carbon are even still a thing?

At Underdog, whilst we recognise that sometimes getting together in a physical space is still the best way to get stuff done, we make that the exception, reserved for our special innovation events. For everything else, we’ve embraced virtual workshops! Just like the face to face variety we collaborate, brainstorm and ideate in much the same way, only people do it from the comfort of a desk, a meeting room or even their bed (we don’t judge!)


Strategy workshops really suite themselves for the virtual approach.

Underdog guided us with cutting edge virtual tools through a virtual brainstorming session that spanned 3 countries and 5 cities around the world. It then continued to support us from conception to completion of strategy.
— Katie Kamp, Sr. Manager, Global Capabilities Molson US team

We’re currently working with a client with offices around the world.

They wanted help to create a global strategy but the key players were scattered around the world and neither the budget, nor the time existed for a face to face workshop.

This is where our virtual creative sessions come into play. We ran a global strategy workshop spanning 3 countries and 5 cities virtually, emerging out the other side with a better quality of output than we could have face to face with half the team jet-lagged and distracted by what was going on back at home.

If you’d like to work collaboratively on a project, with colleagues in different locations, free from hassle, then get in touch with us.


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