Brand growth
with bite.


Our approach

Our approach is based on a unique blend of the experience and capabilities that traditionally spike across different agency types. Underdog’s expertise sits in the sweet spot for growth.



Strategy & Insight
The reason we’re doing anything


Innovation & Brand
The thing we should do


Design & Activation
Doing the thing


Why does it matter?

Perhaps your brief is more about the why, perhaps it’s more about the how – we know we might not travel together on all parts of the journey. And that’s fine.

We believe every intervention for brand growth is made stronger when underpinned by a genuine depth understanding of all the different stages in the journey from strategy to launch.

Underdog delivers:

  • Strategy and insight that’s truly actionable through innovation, brand and design – because we’re used to getting our hands dirty in the world of delivery and know what’s really needed when shit gets real

  • Innovation and brand positioning that’s rooted in consumer truth – because we’ve lived and breathed insight and understand the importance of sowing seeds in the fertile soil of consumer reality

  • Activation and design with intentionality as well as creativity - because our first-hand experience of front-end strategic development has taught us that strong roots bear the tastiest fruit

So free yourself from the old agency archetypes, and let the big dogs admire their rosettes. Crufts is over! Say hello to the tenacious and atypical mongrel agency that’s ready to help you grow your brand today.

How we work

Underdog approaches every challenge with fresh eyes. We don’t peddle one-size-fits-all, template proposals - but we do take inspiration from classic approaches as well as dipping in to our own greatest-hits back catalogue of tools and techniques.

This means our approach to your challenge will be genuinely bespoke, likely a mix of the fresh and familiar, and designed to really unlock opportunities for growth