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I just wanted to say thank you for helping us with the claims journey over the years. It’s safe to say that your agency has had a profound effect on what was said by many brands across many countries and helped those brands stand out
— Marie Agnes Beetschen, Consumer Technical Insight Dir Unilever

Claims are the promise your product makes and they’re everywhere, but too often they are an afterthought and don’t work hard enough to shout at consumers about the benefits of a product.

Often an afterthought, the niche world of product claims is something that we’ve been specialising in for the last decade.

Claims aren’t one singular thing. They cross over into packaging ( the colour, shape, material etc all make a claim) and then there’s the wording on the front and back (and inside) of packs. There are icons and logo’s and traffic lights etc. Then there are claims for pack and claims for advertising and within that, claims for online and claims for elsewhere.

If you want to make sure your brand is heard above the noise and connect with consumers through powerful claims that trigger unconscious needs and desires, then get in touch.


brand managers are often frustrated by claims - which is where we step in!

No point making claims about products unless there is
a tangible consumer benefit
— Seb Munden, VP laundry Europe, Unilever
We need to put the claims in such as way that it pulls the consumer in- lets get emotional with the claims
— Eileen Kozin, Director Popsicles, Unilever
Claims should be the hero of our advertising, drive what we say…. I want to be aggressive but resourceful…..’
— Nicolas Liabeuf VP Hair, Unilever
When it comes to claims, we are more catholic than the pope!
— Dean Aragon, VP Sunsilk, Unilever


Case Study 1.
Country Crock (US) 



Create a set of claims that would help convince Mums to use Country Crock (margarine) instead of butter in both baking and cooking 


We identified a series of consumer relevant platforms (eg ‘ready when you are’) and crafted claims ideas within each. Claims were shortlisted to create a list for consumer testing which identified the ‘No softening needed’ claim as being most compelling


This made its way onto packaging and advertising

Screenshot 2019-07-04 at 07.21.52.png


Case Study 2.
Radox (global)


Move Radox from being functional (muscle soak) to emotional.

This involved of mood based research into attitudes, colours, shapes (semiotics) and language 


We connected with consumers in the UK, South Africa and Germany and discussed all things relating to moods, showers and more. Then we created mood based territories and within these, descriptive mood states that will support the future Radox strategy.



The entire range was relaunched with mood based comms.


Case Study 3.
Bertolli (global)



We needed to get beyond the benefits of butter to win back the initiative by bringing an authentic premium spread to the market. This new product was to be made from natural ingredients with a superior taste, combining olive oil and butter to overcome the artificial image of margarine. 


We worked with a cross functional team and eventually got the point of mocking up a suggested solution



This was then further refined in copywriting and eventually made its way onto the new packaging and advertising.


Big picture creative type seeks brands that are hungry to grow for LTR. Must have GSOH and love acronyms. Broad set of marketing expertise; doubt anyone knows more about Claims and Demos. Email me