The emotion of 2019


We don’t think our way to logical solutions, we feel our way to reason.

That’s why telling a good story and evoking a strong emotional response matters so much in brand communication. It also explains why the most shared ads have rich emotional content.

Creating emotional engagement with your audience leads to an uplift in just about every metric that brands care about and the data backs up the positive impact emotion has on sales.

Emotional award-winning ads have been shown to deliver an average of 10x more profitability vs. rational campaigns.



the art of feels

When it comes to comms, we can utilise four basic emotions:


1) HappINESS:

Many brands want to be associated with smiling, laughing and happy customers. If you want your comms to be shared (duh!), then positivity has been proven to increase both engagement and sharing.

Whether it’s news articles or Instagram post, the ones that make people feel warm and fuzzy are shared more often.


2) SadNESS:

There’s nothing like a good cry at work. We’re seeing more and more brands asking for inspirational messaging that moves people to tears. I’m not crying… you’re crying!


3) FEAR/Surprise

Fear creates urgency and prompts action and can be used to prompt people to buy something that will prevent terrible things from happening. That’s why scare-vertising tactics are used in communication for; fire prevention, health issues, politics and climate change.


4) AngER/Disgust

Not the first choice for many brands, but triggering these emotions can work if used along with an element of surprise. Always’, ‘Like a Girl’ campaign is a good example. The ‘like a girl’ insult was juxtaposed with imagery that was the antithesis of those words to great effect.


key trend for 2019

Nostalgia: Mixing sadness and happiness

Nostalgia : an upcoming way for a brand stand out in 2019




At Underdog, we use various techniques during our ‘Sniffer Dog’ understanding phase to get into the hearts and minds of target consumer groups.

Later down the line, this knowledge allows us to reflect certain emotions back through the activation AND design phase. By being strategically led, Underdog’s brand activations, whether; copy, colours, photography, or ads can all be designed to create an emotional response that leads to the desire and connection that our clients’ brands deserve.


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