Five things we love.


Who We Are

We create growth through insight, strategy, innovation, branding, and design that delivers.
We are a creative and characterful resource for hungry and brave clients who believe their brands and businesses deserve to be bigger.
We believe in working smarter and thinking differently. And we love results. 


As JustAnotherAgency we could reel off decades of creds, flash a fancy manifesto, or drown you in happy-client quotes - but you’ve read all that before.
So instead we’ve decided to share a feel for our spirit - what makes us tick, and why we exist. This is Underdog, in five things we love.


We love tricky
The tougher the brief, the bigger the opportunity for us to make a difference – and making a difference is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Your success is our success.

• We love hunger
We aren't the agency for laurel-lazing brands that expect to win without having to lift a finger. We’re the agency for brands that are hungry for growth, brands that believe they deserve to be bigger, and are ready to act.

• We love different
We aren’t a ‘yes’ agency or a process agency – we’ll challenge you, we’ll challenge each other, we’ll think with freshness and freedom, and we’ll create an approach that’s bespoke to your challenge.

• We love personality
We’re people. You’re a person. People are interesting, and interesting is fun, so let’s be our interesting selves and enjoy working together.

• We love small
Underdog is four people who do the doing. Small is nimble, transparent, collaborative. Small is connection, not churn. Small is not being fobbed off on juniors, because there aren’t any. Small is brilliant - because if we aren’t brilliant, we die.

If you love the idea of growing your brand, say ‘hello’ today.